Adding channels

Channeled allows you to add individual channels manually, connect them in bulk, and automate channel creation.

Add individual channels via Slack

Recommended for connecting 4 individual channels or less.
1Go to the channel you’re connecting in Slack.
2Use the /invite-channeled command.
3Classify the channel as a community channel, customer channel, or internal channel.
4You should see a success message when the channel is connected.

Bulk connecting channels

Recommended for connecting 5 or more channels at a time.
1Go to Channels
2Select Add Channels
3Search/select and click Connect channels
4If you’re connecting a large number of channels, this may take longer! Come back to the page within a minute or two.


Automating channel detection

This option is for teams who prefer to create Slack channels manually/individually instead of through a CRM automation but want to minimize time or steps connecting channels to the app.

You should have a consistent naming nomenclature for customer channels in your Slack workspace that can be used to consistently differentiate customer channels from internal channels, like -customer.

1Go to Channel Settings
2Under General, toggle Auto-Connect and type in your customer channel keyword.
3Click Save Settings.

Create channels from CRM

To create channels from Salesforce, use this guide.