Channeled helps go-to-market teams who work closely with and about their customers in Slack scale support, growth, and onboarding.

You’ll need permissions to install apps in your Slack workspace.

Authenticate with Slack

Install Channeled by selecting Sign in with Slack and authenticating through your workplace Slack account.


Connecting channels

Connect at least one channel during setup. You can also connect additional channels, disconnect channels, or edit assignments later on in Channels.


Managing threads

To manage threads directly in Slack, set up a live feed.

To search, filter, and view threads across specific criteria or assignees, use the team inbox. The team inbox is recommended for mass updates, sorting, and organizing.

You can make status, assignee, and tag updates in both the web inbox and Slack feed.


Send a broadcast

Create a draft in the Broadcasts tab.


Additional automations

Once you’ve set up your basic Channeled workspace, set up additional automations and invite team members.