Updating owners

1Go to Channels
2For individual updates, find your selected customer record and update the Owner column directly.
3For bulk updates, select or filter for your selected records and click the Reassign button.

Updating SLAs

Channeled allows you to set a SLA across your workspace that applies as a default to all customer threads. For specific customers who have different SLAs, you can additionally set up custom timeframes.

Default SLAs

Default SLAs apply to all customers unless additional custom SLAs are assigned.

1Go to Notifications under Inbox Settings.
2Turn on DM Owner Notifications and enter your workspace’s default SLA.
3The default SLA will be applied to all customers unless additional custom SLAs are added.

Custom SLAs by customer

Custom SLAs override the workspace defaults for individual selected customers.

1Under DM Owner Notifications in Notifications, select Edit SLAs by customer.
2View and edit existing custom SLAs, or select Add custom SLA to create additional custom SLAs.